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    Solvent Blue 2B
    Product name: Solvent Blue 2B
    C. I.: C.I.SOLVENT BLUE 104
    Intension: 100%
    Structure code: C.I.61568
    CAS NO. 116-75-6
    Index name Index
    Appearance Blue powder
    Color light Approximate to standard
    Intension ,% 100±3
    Ash, % ≤0.1
    Heat resistance, °C 280-300
    Light fastness, grade 7-8
    Migration resistance, grade 4-5
    Use: Mainly used for the coloration of polyester fiber, it is also suitable for dyeing of various plastics, PS, HIPS, SAN, SB, AS, ABS, 372, PC, hard PVC and plexiglass, etc.
    Packing: 25Kg paper drum

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